Conti Ransomware Sample Download

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Conti Ransomware Sample Download
Conti Ransomware is the successor of the notorious Ryuk Ransomware. It is contains unique features that separate it in terms of performance and focus on network-based targets. Conti uses a large number of independent threads to perform encryption, allowing up to 32 simultaneous encryption efforts, resulting in faster encryption compared to many other families.

Conti Ransomware Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win32/Conti.MK!MTB
MD5: 7076f9674bc42536d1e0e2ca80d1e4f6
SHA256: ebeca2df24a55c629cf0ce0d4b703ed632819d8ac101b1b930ec666760036124

Conti Ransomware Download

Download Conti Ransomware Sample