Install Python LDAP on Linux

Posted Under: CentOS on Jun 17, 2019
Linux snippet to install Python LDAP on various Linux distributions.

Enable Remote Access in ElasticSearch on CentOS 7

Posted Under: CentOS on Jun 11, 2017
Elasticsearch is one of the leading open-source distributed search and analytic engines. This text focuses on installing and configuring elasticsearch on a CentOS 7 with the ability to access it remotely.

No Internet Connection on VMware with CentOS

Posted Under: CentOS on Jun 7, 2017
If you are using CentOS in VMware it might happen that suddenly there is no internet connection and icon just spins and trying to get an IP but nothing happen. This happens when CentOS network connection is set to be in Bridged Mode with Replicate physical network in VMware...
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