Anatova Ransomware Sample Download

Anatova belongs to a new modular next generation ransomware family. It as an intelligent piece of code that does not blindly encrypts a file. It does not encrypt files that are places in critical windows directories and leave exe and cmd files too. Anatova encrypts files that are less and 1 MB. If the file size is greater than 1 MB only 1 MB of that file in encrypted to speed up the encryption process. It does not append any extension to its infected files. Anatova has the ability to load extra DLL files that gives it power to turn itself into another from of malware. Currently it demands 10 DASH which is equal to $700.

Anatova Ransomware Sample 1 Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win32/Anatova
MD5: 9d844d5480eec1715b18e3f6472618aa
SHA256: bd422f912affcf6d0830c13834251634c8b55b5a161c1084deae1f9b5d6830ce

Anatova Ransomware Sample 1 Download

Download Anatova Ransomware Sample 1

Anatova Ransomware Sample 2 Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win32/Anatova
MD5: 596ebe227dcd03863e0a740b6c605924
SHA256: 170fb7438316f7335f34fa1a431afc1676a786f1ad9dee63d78c3f5efd3a0ac0

Anatova Ransomware Sample 2 Download

Download Anatova Ransomware Sample 2