Full Page Screenshot Chrome Extension

Posted Under: Google, Open Source, Tutorials on Nov 8, 2017
Taking screen shot is a great way to capture information and make it portable. Usual way of saving a webpage by pressing CTRL + S, create a folder and an html file that need to place together in order to work.

ngx-admin - Angular 4 Admin Panel Template

Posted Under: Angular, Bootstrap, Open Source, Responsive, Template, TypeScript on Nov 7, 2017
ngx-admin is the next version of the famous ng2-admin - Angular 2 Admin Panel. This version is built with Angular 4, Bootsrap 4 and Typescript. It is recommended to use ngx-admin for all future developments as ng2-admin can not be upgraded to ngx-admin.

Bypass Remove Google Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Posted Under: Alcatel, Android, Configuration, Google, Samsung, Tutorials, Video on Sep 12, 2017
Google Factory Reset Protection is a security procedure that hinder anyone form cleaning all data on the Phone. This is viable solution in case of theft or in some cases pranks. But what if someone intentionally sell their cell phone and wants to completely remove its private data.

Free Domain Name Suggestion Tool Script

Posted Under: Open Source, Ruby, Security, Tools, Tutorials on Jun 19, 2017
For a successful business or a cause the website name matters the most. But it so happen the name you have in your mind is already taken or parked by someone else. So you end up changing the name of the website or playing smart by using some suffixes or prefixes.

Check PHP Session Exists

Posted Under: PHP, Programming, Tutorials on Jun 19, 2017
In PHP, to access session variable stored in $_SESSION array the page must have session_start() method invoked earlier, but when it is called multiple called, it throws PHP Notice "session already started".
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