How to Autopwn in Metasploit 4

Posted Under: Configuration, Penetration Testing, Security on Dec 1, 2016
db_autopwn was deprecated from Metasploit framework. In this tutorial we will get db_autopwn back to life. We need a Linux box with Metasploit installed. We are using Parrot Security OS with Metasploit 4.13.

TypeScript Hello World Example

Posted Under: Programming, TypeScript on Nov 28, 2016
TypeScript is a super set of JavaScript. Any piece of JavaScript is also a valid code in TypeScript. TypeScript is all about making JavaScript scale. It is about making easier to build medium to large applications in JavaScript.

Angular 2 Netbeans 8.2 & Typescript Hello World Example

Posted Under: Angular 2, Configuration, Programming, TypeScript, Windows on Nov 25, 2016
New release of AngularJS i.e. Angular 2 bring exiting features that open a new dimension of web development. Angular 2 supports a wide range of language to work with that includes TypeScript, ECMAScript, 2015 Dart and ES5. Inclusion of ES5 mean that it can support traditional JavaScript.

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for Point of Sale System (POS)

Posted Under: Database, ERD on Nov 17, 2016
A Point of Sale or Point of Service is generally a machine which calculate the amount of item/services a customer owed to the trader. A customer can pay in cash or via a credit card.

IDM Alternative for Ubuntu Linux

Posted Under: Linux, Shell, Tools on Nov 16, 2016
Internet Download Manager (IDM) is undoubtedly is one of the best download managers for windows. But it is not available for Linux environments. On Linux one uses wget or cURL or have to reply on browser downloading capabilities.
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