Backtrack 5 Screen Resolution VMware

Posted Under: Kali Linux, Tutorials on Feb 22, 2013
i have download Backtrack 5 r3 and install it in VMware, everything went smooth unit when i start the GUI. The display was very small, as i am not a Linux pro, i started to here and there to change the screen resolution.

Morris JQuery Charts by Example

Posted Under: JavaScript, jQuery, Tutorials on Feb 10, 2013
In this tutorial we will look in to a light weight jquery charting library namely morris.js which uses Raphael which is used to simplify work of making vector graphics.

Posting to Blogger Automatically

Posted Under: PHP, Tutorials on Jul 19, 2011
In this post we will learn how to programmatically post to blogger, we use PHP for this but it can be done in any language which can send email. When we talk about programmatically, usually some complex programming scheme comes into mind but in this case there is no such thing.
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