Check Internet Connection in JAVA Example

Posted Under: JAVA, Programming on Feb 29, 2016
With the growth of Internet of Things (IoTs) remain connected to the internet is mandatory any disconnection will result in an unexpected outcome. Therefore it is very important to write such logic in code that can handle such situations and prompt immediately about the unavailability of the internet.

Virustotal API File Scanning PHP Example

Posted Under: API, PHP, Programming, Security on Feb 12, 2016
This tutorial focuses on integration virustotal.com API in a PHP application without using any other api wrapper. This make the integration more integrated, reliable as you have complete control and visibility, efficient and fast as there no bloat code in it.

Secure File Upload in PHP

Posted Under: PHP, Programming, Security on Feb 11, 2016
Almost all of the modern web application incorporate the functionality of file upload. It may range from a user display picture or a document that may be share across all member of a team. A file when uploaded to a server it should be treated as "containment" and through checks should be implemented to check it. If a file upload is taken lightly it may compromise the entire server which cause a devastating effect on an organization's business. This tutorial aimed to point out ways by which an upload an be secured on server.

How to make an Antivirus Program in JAVA

Posted Under: JAVA, Programming on Feb 10, 2016
Today we will make an antivirus program using Java Programming Language. This code can be done in any programming language. The below written code is how an ANTIVIRUS works in actual or you can say its the algorithm (written in JAVA) to make people understand the basics of ANTIVIRUS internal searching mechanism.

Hello World jQuery Plugin

Posted Under: jQuery, jQuery Plugins, Programming on Feb 23, 2013
In this tutorial we are going to make a very simple jQuery plugin. Sometimes its important just to see the simple first step, instead of getting caught in the complexities of detail. So lets start writing the our Hello World Plugin sayHello.
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