Highcharts Getting Started Example

Posted Under: Tutorials on Mar 16, 2020
Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript. Highcharts can easily and interactively add interactive charts to web sites or web applications. Highcharts is free for personal learning, personal websites, and non-commercial use.

Remove duplicate rows in MySQL

Posted Under: Tutorials on Mar 13, 2020
This tutorial provide snippet on how to remove duplicate rows that may have created over time. This may be a result of a spam attack or by mistakenly repeating entries. They consume precious resources of the server and decrease over all performance of any system. There are many ways to remove duplicates rows form a MySQL server.

MySQL Import Database Dump Command Line

Posted Under: Tutorials on Mar 10, 2020
There are multiple ways to import database dumps in MySQL/MariaDB. First way to import databases it to use mysqldump utility.

Bootstrap 4 Grid System

Posted Under: Tutorials on Mar 5, 2020
Bootstrap provides a responsive, mobile-first streaming grid system. As the screen or viewport size increases, the system will automatically divide into a maximum of 12 columns. We can also define the number of columns according to our needs as...

Bootstrap 4 Hello World Example

Posted Under: Tutorials on Mar 3, 2020
To create your first web page using Bootstrap 4 follow the instructions. Bootstrap requires an HTML5 file type, so you need to add an HTML5 doctype declaration.
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