JAVA Zero Pad Int

Posted Under: Snippets on May 4, 2020
Java code snippet to append/pad Zero on the left of an Integer. For that we need to use String format method.

Reverse String in JAVA

Posted Under: Snippets on May 4, 2020
Code snippet to reverse a String in JAVA. There are many ways to achieve this by using a for loop, by using a built in function provided by the JAVA or by using recursion.

BootStrap 4 Responsive Carousel Slider

Posted Under: Snippets on Apr 19, 2020
This is responsive image slider built with Bootstrap 4. All images and text perfectly adapt to any screen resolution and size. Any number of images with description can added without any performance issue or difficulty.

Sticky Footer Bootstrap Example

Posted Under: Snippets on Mar 24, 2020
A "sticky footer" is a footer that is "stick" to bottom on the web browser. It is looks good when there is little content on the page.

Sign In Sign Up Bootstrap Template With Validation

Posted Under: Snippets on Mar 7, 2020
Simple Sign In and Sig Up form Template in Bootstrap 4 with validation. Check Live Preview.
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