Install Python LDAP on Linux

Posted Under: Snippets on Jun 17, 2019
Linux snippet to install Python LDAP on various Linux distributions.

JavaScript Cut Array in Half

Posted Under: Snippets on Jun 15, 2019
This tutorial explain how to cut a JavaScript array in half no matter what the size is. it will splice the array in equal halves.

Installing Custom SSL Certificate on Apache

Posted Under: Snippets on Sep 4, 2018
This configuration snippet will install custom self signed certificate for Apache Web server on Ubuntu.

MySQL Select 1st Day of Month and Current Time

Posted Under: Snippets on Aug 29, 2018
MySQL snippet to select data between first day of the current month and current date.

Swift Display Screen for Few Seconds

Posted Under: Snippets on Aug 28, 2018
Swift iOS snippet to show screen for specified seconds and then move to another screen.
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