Uppercase Only First Letter of String in Swift IOS

Posted Under: Snippets on Nov 9, 2017
To capitalize only first letter of a string in Swift iOS. Below is the code for both Swift 3 and Swift 4.                   

Free Simple HTML CSS Login Form Template 1

Posted Under: Snippets on Feb 24, 2017
Download Free HTML & CSS simple and clean login form template. This template is self contained. It contains no images and javascript and be used or modified as desired.

Change Text Selection Color CSS

Posted Under: Snippets on Feb 5, 2017
With CSS3 every aspect of the Webpage can be can customized. This CSS code snippet will change the highlight color of the select text both its background and foreground color.

Open Browser From Command Line windows 10

Posted Under: Snippets on Feb 1, 2017
All modern browsers support the option to launch itself from command line or shell. The browser can launch itself in both normal and incognito or private modes.

Disable Text Selection Highlighting using CSS3

Posted Under: Snippets on Jan 29, 2017
To prevent user from copying any text from a webpage, CSS3 provide an elegant and cross browser property that eliminates the need to use JavaScript.
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