Open Browser From Command Line windows 10

Posted Under: Programming, Shell, Snippets, Windows on Feb 1, 2017
All modern browsers support the option to launch itself from command prompt or shell. The browser can launch itself in both normal and incognito or private modes. Below is the command line code to launch different browsers.

Microsoft Edge Web Browser Command Line

start microsoft-edge:http://www.tutorialjinni.com
Currently Microsoft Edge do not support private browsing mode.

Google Chrome Web Browser Command Line

start chrome http://www.tutorialjinni.com
To open Google Chrome in incognito mode use the following command
start chrome http://www.tutorialjinni.com -incognito

Firefox Web Browser Command Line

start Firefox http://www.youtube.com
To open Firefox in private mode issue the following command
start firefox -private-window http://www.youtube.com