MD5 checksum Windows 10

Posted Under: Hashing, PowerShell, Shell, Tutorials, Windows on May 23, 2021
MD5 checksum Windows 10
MD5 (Message Digest 5) is the most widely used hashing algorithm. It is fast and reliable in "most cases". A hash function takes any amount of data file/text and produces an output if fixed length. In the case of MD5, it is 32 characters. A hash function Hashing is used to make sure that there is no tampering in data during transit or unauthorised changes by an adversary. Windows 10 provide a built-in tool to calculate MD5 Checksum from the command line and PowerShell.

MD5 Windows 10 Command Line

CertUtil -hashfile PATH_TO_FILE MD5
MD5 checksum Windows 10

MD5 Windows 10 Checksum PowerShell

Get-FileHash PATH_TO_FILE -Algorithm MD5
MD5 checksum Windows 10 PowerShell