Nitro Ransomware Download

Nitro Ransomware Download
Nitro Ransomware encrypts user data and ask them to buy them a Discord gift card worth $9.99 in 3 hours. Although it did not delete any files after 3 hours but they remain encrypted. Its is distributed as a fake tool that claims to generate free Nitro gift codes.It is not first ransomware that ask "favor" regarding Discord, Hog Ransomware want user to simply join there Discord server as ransom payment. .givemenitro extension is added to encrypted files.

Nitro Ransomware Signatures

Family: TR/Ransom.jwrcw
MD5: 077fccc46159f8ccd79fcd50787db1c9
SHA256: 92190c9789485a0d96bced7040080f0ae35c02898c3d31a65d50ecd659b80f09

Nitro Ransomware Download

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