TellYouThePass Ransomware Download

TellYouThePass Ransomware Download
TellYouThePass ransomware was an old dormant ransomware supposed to be dead. But Log4j's Log4Shell vulnerability, resurrect it and it jumps into action once again. It targets mostly Chinese speaking population. It has both Windows and Linux variants. It encrypts user data with AES-256 + RSA-1024 and ask victims to pay 0.05 BTC as a ransom payment. All encrypted files are appended with .locked extension.

TellYouThePass Log4j Ransomware Windows Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win32/FileCoder.M!MTB
MD5: 0a34b668102bc070e8cb1d1fc1b0b462
SHA256: 8abaa521a014cdbda2afe77042f21947b147197d274bf801de2df55b1e01c904

TellYouThePass Log4j Ransomware Windows Download

Download TellYouThePass Log4j Ransomware Windows Sample

TellYouThePass Log4j Ransomware Linux Signatures

Family: Ransom:Linux/FileCoder.A!MTB
MD5: 39a9b92a69a191db0a7e2bc1e78d55e4
SHA256: 5c8710638fad8eeac382b0323461892a3e1a8865da3625403769a4378622077e

TellYouThePass Log4j Ransomware Linux Download

Download TellYouThePass Log4j Ransomware Linux Sample
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