MnuBot Malware Sample Download

Posted Under: Download Free Malware Samples , EXE, Malware, Trojan on Aug 20, 2018
MnuBot Malware Sample Download
MnuBot Malware is Banking Trojan that steals banking information targeted to Brazil. MnuBot is written in Delphi. It communicates with a MSSQL database in queries directly over a SSL channel. This SQL communication evades from antivirus protecting making it dangerous. It uses queries to send data to and receives from it command and control server.

MnuBot Signatures

MD5: 579e82e245a6649c95a4bd15a45057d8
SHA1: 35c5aa708625b69547cc08483421cd6de202ec6f
SHA256: 7a4a8cc470c3a3f391507381d05ca66f5e2219356a7bfb1a2ac6c52cbbbfe82c
SSDEEP: 49152:whMy7xZCSsRfTvH1XAgg23nElSCHgp2zenph:wey7wBl3nE3Ao

MnuBot Sample Download

Download MnuBot Malware Sample