Roaming Mantis Android malware

Roaming Mantis Android malware
Roaming Mantis is an Android Malware campaign that spreads via SMS, also know as smishing campaign. The Roaming Mantis SMS phishing campaign set its eyes on Europe, it is actively targeting as Android and iPhone users in Germany and France with malicious apps and phishing pages. Typically, the smishing messages contain a very short description and a URL to a landing page. If a user clicks on the link and opens the landing page, there are two scenarios, iOS users are redirected to a phishing page imitating the official Apple website, while the "Wroba" malware is downloaded on Android devices.

Roaming Mantis Wroba Malware Signatures

Family: HEUR:Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Wroba.o
MD5: 0aaf6aa859fbdb84de20bf4bf28a02f1
SHA256: 2e8b278dc2bfcce5d043f0846a34bf92dccedbd58b8b17152ebffb18a341655f

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