Symfony Doctrine Delete Row

Posted Under: Doctrine on Jan 12, 2011
In this tutorial we will delete a Row from database using Doctrine, lets do it with a simple example.

Symfony Doctrine Execute Raw SQL

Posted Under: Doctrine on Jan 10, 2011
Converting to object oriented can be sometimes difficult as people are not used to it... same is the case with ORM, when you use it there may be some problems for the new comers.

Symfony Doctrine Row Count

Posted Under: Doctrine on Jan 6, 2011
Doctrine is a very powerful ORM for PHP application, this tutorial demonstrate how you can get the number of rows returned by Doctrine.Suppose we want to check if a user is valid or not, for that we need user name and password, here we are using symfony.

Symfony Doctrine Print Raw SQL

Posted Under: Doctrine on Jan 4, 2011
When you are debugging your code, it is very helpful to know what queries are executing at the database end, it helps a lot to simplify debugging.
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