PoetRAT Malware Sample Download

Posted Under: DOC on Apr 17, 2020
PoetRAT is a new family of Remote Access Trojans. It gains it poetic name because it references to sonnets by English playwright William Shakespeare in the macros, which was used in malicious Word documents also known as the Dropper.

Zeus Sphinx Trojan Sample Download

Posted Under: DOC on Apr 2, 2020
Malicious hacker finds a way to capitalize the current corona virus epidemic. They send fake phishing emails appear to be from government about a corona relief package.

Latest Trickbot Malware Variant Sample Download

Posted Under: DOC on Sep 2, 2018
TrickBot Trojan matures as the time pass and incoporate new techniques to hide itself form anti malware systems. This particular sample which comes in a Microsoft Office Word Document, only unleash its payload if the macros are enabled and user Zoom in to the document.
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