DEADWOOD Wiper Download

DEADWOOD Wiper Download
DEADWOOD Wiper take place of the Apostle Wiper, which has many logical flaws and it did not work as expected by the attackers named as Agrius. Agrius also utilized DEADWOOD (aka Detbosit), a wiper. It is written in C++ using the Boost libraries. The wiper can be executed in two modes: as a Service and as a Windows Application. When executed DEADWOOD will attempt to overwrite files using random data which unlike ransomware is not recoverable and there is a total loss of data.

DEADWOOD Wiper Signatures

Family: Trojan:Win32/DarkShadowEvents.A!dha
MD5: 857ef30bf15ea3da9b94092da78ef0fc
SHA256: 18c92f23b646eb85d67a890296000212091f930b1fe9e92033f123be3581a90f

DEADWOOD Wiper Download

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