IsaacWiper Malware

IsaacWiper Malware
IsaacWiper is the third Wiper Malware detected, after HermeticWiper Ransomware and HermeticWiper, that are attacking victims in Ukraine. IsaacWiper enumerate all disks connected to the host and overwrite first 10K bytes with ISAAC pseudo random generator, hence the name. It then enumerates the logical drives and recursively wipes every file of each disk with random bytes with the ISAAC algorithm.

IsaacWiper Signatures

Family: Trojan:Win32/Killmbr!MSR
MD5: ecce8845921a91854ab34bff2623151e
SHA256: 13037b749aa4b1eda538fda26d6ac41c8f7b1d02d83f47b0d187dd645154e033

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