Apostle Wiper Download

Apostle Wiper Download
Apostle is a .NET based malware that evolves from a Wiper to full-featured ransomware. It shares code with another tool from Agris APT arsenal, IPsec Helper. It is targeted toward the United Arab Emirates, but the media portray it as it was directed toward israel. Even SentinalOne who originally claim it to be Iranian, itself not sure about it. Apostle has many logical flaws and is not suitable for operations so it is replaced by DEADWOOD Wiper.

Apostle Wiper Signatures

Family: HEUR:Trojan.MSIL.Agent.gen
MD5: 851b7b8dd006dc889bf8f9282dc853ce
SHA256: 19dbed996b1a814658bef433bad62b03e5c59c2bf2351b793d1a5d4a5216d27e

Apostle Wiper Download

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