Arabic Android Locker Sample Download

This is an Andorid Locker application that upon execute abuse android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW and ask for a code to close the alert. It did not ask for ransom just an annoying alert box. Application APK come with the name of Wifi hacker.apk. Unlock code 86515, is embedded in the apk.It show its lock message in Arabic saying (Translated Version below).
Your device is locked by anwar skwadra
Never ask for the code again
The virus was programmed by ànwar skwadra, director of the protection and penetration world channel @ HACKEER1

ArabicLocker Signatures

Family: Ransom:AndroidOS/LockScreen!rfn
MD5: 6904c283c8e4a7a200e6d5c1dc349b0c
SHA256: 22cbee44e1d7667905b840dd012b2946d6be52ef1f422df997d8ef93a94b9094

ArabicLocker Download

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