Bumblebee Loader

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Bumblebee Loader
Bumblebee Loader is a replacement for BazarLoader, which is used by Conti group to deliver ransomware. The Bumblebee infection starts through spam email. This email contains a link to further download an ISO file. It contains two files a New Folder.LNK file and a arch.dll file. New Folder.LNK files contains the information to run the arch.dll file. arch.dll is the Bumblebee Loader. Once it makes its way on the victim machine it can inject shell code and DLL in the memory of the running process. It can download additional executable and maintain persistence. Bumblebee is a highly sophisticated malware loader that employs extensive evasive maneuvers and anti-analysis tricks, including complex anti-virtualization techniques. To make its activity stealthier and harder to detect.

Bumblebee Loader Signatures

Family: Trojan.BumbleBee
MD5: 16da4284ab7ab9d5669c34c339132ed6
SHA256: 1249075a0c4af8ecfeb4a3ab1e9ef692cb8876591d73f3470106402ab1592717

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