BlackMatter Ransomware Download Linux

BlackMatter Ransomware Download Linux
BlackMatter Ransomware is believe to be the evil spawn of the Darkside Ransomware. It's Linux variant is caught targeting VMware ESXi servers. VMware ESXi is the most used virtual machine platform. Almost all major companies use it. Targeting it will open whole new arenas for malicious activities. This malware first tries to stop Virtual Machine and then encrypts them for maximum effectiveness.

BlackMatter Windows Version is available here.

BlackMatter Ransomware Linux Variant Signatures

Family: Ransom:Linux/DarkSide.GV!MTB
MD5: 3f9a28e8c057e7ea7ccf15a4db81f362
SHA256: 6a7b7147fea63d77368c73cef205eb75d16ef209a246b05698358a28fd16e502

BlackMatter Ransomware Linux Variant Download

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