HelloKitty Ransomware Linux Variant Download

HelloKitty Ransomware Linux Variant Download
HelloKitty ransomware which became headlines for mounting attack on video game developer CD Projekt Red. It is primarily known for targeting Windows systems, but it is now targeting VMware ESXi servers. As the enterprise increasingly moves to virtual machines for easier backup and resource management. VMware ESXi is a bare-metal hypervisor that installs easily onto servers and partitions them into multiple VMs. ESXi version 7 and host up to 1024 virtual machines simultaneously. This makes a free buffet for attackers, if one server has compromised all VMs are compromised.

Hellokitty Ransomware Linux Variant Signatures

Family: Ransom:Linux/HelloKitty.A
MD5: f597d74b84929ded948fc42c6f6210e5
SHA256: 556e5cb5e4e77678110961c8d9260a726a363e00bf8d278e5302cb4bfccc3eed

Hellokitty Ransomware Linux Variant Download

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