BlackCat Ransomware Download

BlackCat Ransomware Download
ALPHV BlackCat Ransomware or simply BlackCat Rasomware is an advance and a sophisticated piece of malware written in Rust programming language. It encrypts data of business users and corporate networks using a combination of AES-128 (CTR mode) and RSA-2048 algorithms, and then requires a large ransom in BTC or Monero for the decryption key. Since it is written in Rust it can target Windows, Linux and VMWare eSXI systems alike. A file marker 19 47 B7 4D is added at the end of the file to avoid re-encryption.

ALPHV BlackCat Ransomware Signatures

Family: Trojan:Win32/Woreflint.A!cl
MD5: aea5d3cced6725f37e2c3797735e6467
SHA256: 3d7cf20ca6476e14e0a026f9bdd8ff1f26995cdc5854c3adb41a6135ef11ba83

ALPHV BlackCat Ransomware Download

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