Backtrack 5 Screen Resolution VMware

Posted Under: Configuration, Kali Linux, Linux, OS on Feb 22, 2013
Backtrack 5 Screen Resolution VMware
i have download Backtrack 5 r3 and install it in VMware, everything went smooth unit when i start the GUI. The display was very small, as i am not a Linux pro, i started to here and there to change the screen resolution. Then i googled and found tutorials regarding screen resolution most of them i had seen describe to change xorg.conf file, i tried but nothing happened. Then i happened to cross a forum post which gives the most easiest and quickest solution to all i.e.

Goto System -> Preferences -> Monitors as shown in the screenshot below:

Backtrack 5 Screen Resolution VMware

There will be a popup window on which you adjust your desied screen resolution and click apply, you dont have to restart the machine or need to alter any file.

Change Screen Resolution in Backtrack 5