MuddyWater APT Phishing Campaign Sample Download

Posted Under: APT on Oct 13, 2018
MuddyWater is a relatively new APT that surfaced in 2017. It has focused mainly on governmental targets in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, according to past telemetry. However, the group behind MuddyWater has been known to target other countries in the Middle East, Europe and the US.

APT10's UPPERCUT Malware Sample

Posted Under: APT on Sep 28, 2018
APT10 a.k.a Menupass is targeting the Japanese media sector now. APT10 is known to be linked to be a Chinese cyber espionage group that usually targets Japanese organizations.

GravityRAT Malware Sample Download

Posted Under: APT on Apr 29, 2018
GravityRAT is an Advance Persistence Threat (APT) that allegedly targets India, United States and United Kingdom. GravityRAT uses Microsoft Word as a medium to proliferate. Once the user open the document it insisted to enable macros upon which is executes the zipped payload.
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