Add Logo Watermark in Video

Posted Under: Tutorials, VLC, Windows on Dec 31, 2016
Add Logo Watermark in Video
It is a good idea to apply watermark to your videos with your logo. This ensures that where ever that video goes everyone will know its creator. To do this the easy way we will use VLC which is freely available to download.

Open the VLC Player and go to Tools → Effects and Filters or Press Ctrl + E VLC Video Effects

Follow the Steps in the image below. VLC Watermark Setting
  1. Select Video Effects tab
  2. Select Overlay tab
  3. Check Add Logo checkbox
  4. Browse for Logo / Watermark. Preferably the image should be a transparent PNG. In VLC JPEG and PNG are allowed
  5. Select the position of the Watermark. You can change / modified it while the video is playing for optimal placement.
  6. Select the Transparency as per your requirements.
Play the Video to check how it look like. Our look like this.

VLC Video Background Logo P.S. This is the Trailer for Trolls Movie by DreamWorks, i do not own it. It is just for demonstration purpose.

When you are satisfied with the adjustments it is time to make these changes permanent. Go to Media → Convert / Save or Press Ctrl + R

VLC Format Conversion

Next select your video file

VLC select video
  1. Click on the File tab.
  2. Press Add... and select video.
  3. Selection will be shown here.
  4. Press the Drop down select menu.
  5. Select Convert or Press Alt + O
Select the format in which you wish to export the video, default is enough for majority of the cases. Select the destination where the file would be saved and press the Start button.

Add permanent watermark VLC

Wait for sometime till the export is done. When you are done go to Tools → Preferences or press Ctrl + P and press the Reset Preferences Button shown below.

VLC Reset Preferences

This restore the original state of the VLC clearing all the changes you made.