Reverse String in JAVA

Posted Under: JAVA, Snippets on May 4, 2020
Code snippet to reverse a String in JAVA. There are many ways to achieve this by using a for loop, by using a built in function provided by the JAVA or by using recursion.

njRAT Malware Sample Download

njRAT is one of the oldest and popular remote access trojan (RAT) in the malware world. njRAT is also known as Bladabindi RAT Njw0rm RAT. The reason of its popularity is the fact its source code is available and YouTube has tons of tutorials on it.

Cerberus Android Trojan Sample Download

Cerberus Android Banking Trojan is back with more power and benefiting from the COVID-19 pandemic fear. It can by-pass Google Authenticator two-factor authentication which is considered more secure alternative to SMS.

LockBit Ransomware Sample Download

LockBit Ransomware is an emerging threat and growing stronger day by day. It is following the footsteps of REvil and Maze Ransomware by threatening to publicize the user data if the ransom demand is not fulfilled.

Bootstrap 4 Responsive Pricing Table

Posted Under: Bootstrap, Responsive, Table, Template on May 1, 2020
This is a beautiful responsive Bootstrap 4 table. It can be used to show pricing of products or services. It can represent comparison of services offered and under different price categories or ranges.
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