Rise Of The Darknet

Posted Under: Darknet, Privacy, Security, Tutorials on Dec 22, 2016
The term Darknet or Dark Web are commonly used interchangeable with Deep Web. Their is a significant difference in these two.

Deep Web is simply that portion of World Wide Web or internet that is not indexed by the search engines such as Google, Yandex, Baidu and Bing. This includes password protected pages such as the web pages of your personal bank account. Your personal emails. Your website’s admin panels. It can easily be accessed through your normal internet setup, and with your normal web browser. visual representation of  Internet, Deep Web and Darknet The image visually represent the Internet, Deep Web and Darknet.

However, the case with Darknet (also known as Dark Web) is different. It is not indexed by any search engine like the deep web but to access it you need special software like Tor and I2P. The reason why it is referred to as “Dark” is the fact that most of things you find there is illegal. You can buy thing ranging from software exploits to drugs. You can buy counterfeit currency, illegal weapons, pirated books, explicit material, fake passports anything illegal you can think of. All of these things can be bought anonymously with a trace less currency Bitcoin.

But, there is always two sides of the coin and the bright side to the so called Darknet is Privacy. Your birth right. The revelation from Edward Snowden shows how NSA and GCHQ does mass surveillance without any distinctions. The concern and awareness of privacy grows multi folds as the time passes, people are using new ways to protect their information by using strong encryption, strong authentication mechanism. Darknet is all about decentralizing everything. It abolish the dictatorial behavior, the power of one. It give the power back to people. The Darknet is giving the masses the power to speak their minds, point the wrongs in the society without the fear of being caught or prosecuted for doing the right thing. This is not anymore the hiding place for activist and whistle blowers. It has currently over 30 million active users and numbers are growing rapidly. TorFlow visualize this.

Torflow Visualization
Its success is evident from the fact that Facebook open it own Darknet site.

Facebook Darknet Site
The Darknet currency,Bitcoin, is the most powerful currency in the World 1 Bitcoin is equal to the 826.88 Dollars at the time of writing. This shows its acceptance in the common people and its potential to grow. Bitcoin Darknet Currency
Darknet is not all about drugs and weapons it's about freedom. New innovative technologies such as ethereum promises to revolutionize the Darknet.