How to access Darknet / Dark Web

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How to access Darknet / Dark Web
Darknet or Dark Web is the part of the internet which is hidden to normal users, and unlike the normal everyday internet it is, if not 100%, 99% anonymous. Which mean no one can track you and it gives you the freedom to what ever you want. Find out more here.

This post discuss two methods how anyone can access it from his/her computer and mobile. Darknet utilized strong encryption for relaying. To access this hidden web special software is required.

Method 1

Download Tor Browser from here and install it. It is basically a specially modified Firefox Web Browser so the interface is easy and familiar. Once it installs Double Click the Start Tor Browser shortcut. access darkweb - TOR browser

With Tor Browser you can not only access The Darknet but any other normal website, but with complete anonymity. Tor Browser

Few things that need to be remember Pressing the little onion icon labeled as 1 will show current Tor circuit or the route labeled as 2 it takes to reach the actual internet. If you do not like it or the route is slow you can click New Tor Circuit for this site labeled as 3.

Darknet site URL are not easy to remember so you need to bookmark them or save it some where else. A good place to start using Darknet sites is to start with the hidden wiki. It contains link to many services provided at Darknet.
copy and paste this URL in the Tor Browser.

Darknet hidden wiki

Here your journey to into the real dark and hidden web starts.

Method 2

If you do not want any of the above and you are willing to not to be anonymous and yet want to visit the darknet. There is an easy way for it. go to the https://thehiddenwiki.org/ via your normal browser and copy the URL given there that ends in .onion paste it the browser and simply add .to so that it becomes .onion.to. This service is called Tor2Web which is provided by https://www.onion.to/. By using this method you can access hidden web or Darknet from Mobiles.

access tor2web