REvil Ransomware Linux Download

REvil Ransomware Linux Download
REvil Ransomware has now a new tentacle for Linux machines. It is caught encrypting Vmware ESXi virtual machine. Linux variant has almost same functionality as of its Windows counterpart. As more and more organization leverage the power of virtual machines, so did the attacker. On compromise of a single server many VMs will get encrypted. This will be devastating below to an organizations financially.

REvil Ransomware Linux Variant Signatures

Family: Ransom:Linux/Sodinokibi.JJ
MD5: 395249d3e6dae1caff6b5b2e1f75bacd
SHA256: ea1872b2835128e3cb49a0bc27e4727ca33c4e6eba1e80422db19b505f965bc4

REvil Ransomware Linux Variant Download

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