Remcos RAT Malware Sample Download

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Remcos RAT Malware Sample Download
Multiple spear phishing campaigns tried to spread Remcos RAT. It targets Oil comapines, maritime equipment manufacturer and energy sector. It is spread by Microsoft Office documents and Excel spreadsheets. Most notably it target Turkish defense contractors. The phishing mail sent appears for Turkish Tax collection department. The content of the file appear blur which encourage the victim to enable Macros so that it can install backdoor. Remcos phishing email sample

Remcos Pishing Sample Document Download

Download Remcos Pishing Sample Document

Remcos RAT Signatures

MD5: ffd1fb75d8695dacec3268ffc35a4c3b
SHA1: df734c0324f3c109d66087e31d8ee072b50ee761
SHA256: da6ecdc15078699d4ce340b79ffb95f776b70917762212ac4ccf743665e26ebc
SSDEEP: 6144:xAVoeCiivIjU6Vt00iOs6PChVzjPx3eagB8:xAVoeCiivIjU6TXIhAagm

Remcos RAT Sample Download

Download Remcos RAT Sample Password of the archive is infected.