Octopus Malware Sample Download

Octopus Malware Sample Download
Octopus Trojan is allegedly by the threat actor group DustSquad. They target diplomatic facilities in central Asia. Octopus Malware is written in Delphi. It is distributed under the guise of being a communications app from a Kazakh political group packed in a .zip file. Once the Trojan is installed on a victim's system, it will receive commands and transmit information back to a command and control server.

Octopus Malware Signatures

Family: Win32:Malware-gen
MD5: 38f30749a87dcbf156689300737a094e
SHA256: 6729855517f3dfb951714101c6b6016dbc31ebde4c9150a22f0b11558bec7b73

Octopus Malware Sample Download

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