Make ISO From DVD Windows 10

Posted Under: Configuration, Tutorials, Windows on Dec 26, 2016
Make ISO From DVD Windows 10
We will be making ISO from a DVD or a CD in Windows 10 using free, open source and clutter free tool. Today most of the Desktop and Laptops are shipped without a CD/DVD readers/writers. Content of the DVD is compressed and package in to a single ISO file and then transferred via a USB or over the Ethernet.

Window 10 does not have out of box capability to create ISO, for this we need to download a free and opensource software cdrtfe. You can download it from here. Download it, install it and run it. Insert the DVD or CD in the ROM and follow the instruction in the image. Make ISO From DVD Windows 10
  1. Go to Disc Image Tab
  2. Check Create Image
  3. Browse the Location where you want to save the new ISO and name it.
  4. Press Start
  5. Wait for Completion