KeyPass Ransomware Sample Download

Posted Under: Download Free Malware Samples , EXE, Malware, Ransomware on Aug 30, 2018
KeyPass Ransomware install itself with the help of fake installers. It encrypts user files with AES-256. All file path that it intended to encrypt are present in regardless if they are present on the victim machine or not. It appends .KeyPass extension of its encrypted files, hence the name KeyPass

KeyPass Ransomware Signatures

MD5: 901d893f665c6f9741aa940e5f275952
SHA1: 3b5369c0aeffe5c0d0b164a3d90ec245b093674d
SHA256: ee74c63faa2eb9709b1d738762e28072aece2e7b9eeffc5913eb6a5fd1564752
SSDEEP: 49152:0u1ImfQE5L1PtWHeHoQAOs1dKvHHg/o2S1pj798JGKCO8C/eZkwCr:dzV5JPtWHeHoIs1dGHHx2S1998JGKCOD

KeyPass Ransomware Sample Download

Download KeyPass Ransomware Sample Password of the archive is infected.