CMB Dharma Ransomware Sample Download

Posted Under: Download Free Malware Samples , EXE, Malware, Ransomware on Aug 29, 2018
CMB Dharma is a new variant of Dharma Ransomware. It encrypts files and appends .cmb extension.

CMB Dharma Ransomware Signatures

MD5: d50f69f0d3a73c0a58d2ad08aedac1c8
SHA1: c25ff1bb2ea3e0804ab3f370ad2877b0b7c56903
SHA256: c2ab289cbd2573572c39cac3f234d77fdf769e48a1715a14feddaea8ae9d9702
SSDEEP: 1536:mBwl+KXpsqN5vlwWYyhY9S4AKlj/UGqxsP87ToNt/PZWZdCB5fNqzRJSqo:Qw+asqN5aW/hLk/UGqxOkoN1PsdC3WLo

CMB Dharma Ransomware Sample Download

Download CMB Dharma Ransomware Sample Password of the archive is infected.