HermeticRansom Or PartyTicket Ransomware

HermeticRansom Or PartyTicket Ransomware
HermeticRansom or PartyTicket Ransomware is a Go based ransomware is actively attacking Ukrainian targets with other Wipers. The ransomware iterates over all drive letters and recursively enumerates the files in each drive and its subfolders, excluding file paths that contain the strings Windows and Program Files. Ransom note it dropped in all folders is political in nature. HermeticWiper Ransomware

HermeticRansom PartyTicket Ransomware Signatures

Family: Ransom:Win32/SonicVote.A!dha
MD5: d5d2c4ac6c724cd63b69ca054713e278
SHA256: 4dc13bb83a16d4ff9865a51b3e4d24112327c526c1392e14d56f20d6f4eaf382

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