Echo Mirage 3.1 Download Windows 10

Echo Mirage 3.1 Download Windows 10
Echo Mirage is a all purpose network proxy that uses DLL injection and function Hooks to reliably intercept and modify network traffic on the fly. It easy to read plain text or even decrypt data in programs that uses OpenSSL or native platform encryption techniques or even custom libraries as Echo Mirage is capable to inject DLLs and hook in to functions of these libraries. Normal Web proxies like Fiddler or OWASP ZAP and packet capturing programs such as Wireshark can not read encrypted packets. But with Echo Mirage you are in luck. Sadly Echo Mirage is no longer available by its owners. Here is the latest released version of Echo Mirage, download it from below.

Download Echo Mirage 3.1

Some antivirus software mark Echo Mirage as malicious so the above zip is password protected. To un-zip use the password: tutorialjinni
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