uppy CDN Link

Extensible JavaScript file upload widget with support for drag&drop, resumable uploads, previews, restrictions, file processing/encoding, remote providers like Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, S3 and more :dog:. Current stable version of uppy is 2.2.1
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/uppy/2.2.1/uppy.jsCopy Link | Copy Tag | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/uppy/2.2.1/uppy.legacy.jsCopy Link | Copy Tag | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/uppy/2.2.1/uppy.legacy.min.jsCopy Link | Copy Tag | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/uppy/2.2.1/uppy.min.jsCopy Link | Copy Tag | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/uppy/2.2.1/uppy.cssCopy Link | Copy Tag | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/uppy/2.2.1/uppy.min.cssCopy Link | Copy Tag | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/uppy/2.2.1/uppy.js.mapCopy Link | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/uppy/2.2.1/uppy.legacy.js.mapCopy Link | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/uppy/2.2.1/uppy.legacy.min.js.mapCopy Link | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/uppy/2.2.1/uppy.min.js.mapCopy Link | View Raw