PHP Convert String SEO Friendly

Posted Under: PHP, Programming, SEO, Tutorials on May 25, 2012
PHP Convert String SEO Friendly
This tutorial explains how to create SEO friendly URL using PHP. Friendly URLs improves your site's search engines ranking. To make a SEO friendly URL a string must be sanitized for certain things like...
  • URL should be in lower case
  • All spaces should be replaced with a dash or hyphen (-)
  • URL must only contains letters and numbers.
  • NO HTML is allowed.

I found a very quick and clean way to do this.
function Make_SEO_Friendly_URL($string)
  // replace all non letters or digits with -
  $string = preg_replace('/W+/', '-', $string);

  // trim and lowercase
  $string = strtolower(trim($string, '-'));
  return $string;


$string="making String SEO Friendly with PHP is easy, isnt?";

echo Make_SEO_Friendly_URL($string);