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Nicescroll is a jquery plugin, for nice customizabled scrollbars with a very similar ios/mobile style. It supports DIVs, IFrames and document page (body) scrollbars. Compatible with Firefox 4+, Chrome 5+, Safari 4+ (win/mac), Opera 10+, IE 6+ (all A-grade browsers). Compatible with iOS devices as iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and many many mobile and touch devices.. Current stable version of jquery.nicescroll is 3.7.6
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/jquery.nicescroll/3.7.6/jquery.nicescroll.iframehelper.jsCopy Link | Copy Tag | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/jquery.nicescroll/3.7.6/jquery.nicescroll.iframehelper.min.jsCopy Link | Copy Tag | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/jquery.nicescroll/3.7.6/jquery.nicescroll.jsCopy Link | Copy Tag | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/jquery.nicescroll/3.7.6/jquery.nicescroll.min.jsCopy Link | Copy Tag | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/jquery.nicescroll/3.7.6/zoomico.pngCopy Link | View Raw
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