HTML Lowercase I With Caron Code

HTML Code &#464; ǐ
CSS3 Code \01D0
HTML Entity  
Hex Code &#x01D0;
URL %26%23464%3B
Category HTML Letters Symbols Code

Usage Examples

To use Lowercase I With Caron in Cascading Style Sheets or CSS file use the following code.
// css3 example usage
    span {
      content: "\01D0";
To use Lowercase I With Caron in in-line HTML code you can use it "as it is" but, it is recommend that Lowercase I With Caron should be used like the following example code. Because it help in assigning special CSS to it.
    <!-- html usage -->
In order to send Lowercase I With Caron via a HTML form or via a query string it should be properly encoded. Following is the URL encoded format of Lowercase I With Caron. Do not forget to Decode it on the server side.
    https: //www.tutorialjinni.com/html-symbols-entity-codes.html? html-lowercase-i-with-caron-code=%26%23464%3B