HTML Combining Ogonek Code

HTML Code &#808; ̨
CSS3 Code \0328
HTML Entity  
Hex Code &#x0328;
URL %26%23808%3B
Category HTML Letters Symbols Code

Usage Examples

To use Combining Ogonek in Cascading Style Sheets or CSS file use the following code.
// css3 example usage
    span {
      content: "\0328";
To use Combining Ogonek in in-line HTML code you can use it "as it is" but, it is recommend that Combining Ogonek should be used like the following example code. Because it help in assigning special CSS to it.
    <!-- html usage -->
In order to send Combining Ogonek via a HTML form or via a query string it should be properly encoded. Following is the URL encoded format of Combining Ogonek. Do not forget to Decode it on the server side.
    https: //www.tutorialjinni.com/html-symbols-entity-codes.html? html-combining-ogonek-code=%26%23808%3B