DarkSide Ransomware Free Decryptor Download

Posted Under: Free Ransomware Decryptors on Jan 12, 2021
DarkSide Ransomware Free Decryptor Download
Bitdefender had released free Decryptor tool for Darkside Ransomware. Victims can now download and recover their files at no cost. Darkside operators demands million is ransom depending on the size and revenue of the victim company.

Download the Decryptor darkside ransomware decryptor tool Run the decryption tool

The tool attempts to identify the file extension of the encrypted files automatically.

Select "Scan Entire System" if you prefer the tool to search for all encrypted files. Alternatively, add the path to the location you previously moved the encrypted files.

At the end of this step, your files should be decrypted.

It is hight recommend that you take backup of your files before decryption.