country-region-selector CDN Link

A simple, configurable JS library that add a country dropdown that automatically updates a corresponding region dropdown in your forms.. Current stable version of country-region-selector is 0.5.1
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/country-region-selector/0.5.1/crs.jsCopy Link | Copy Tag | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/country-region-selector/0.5.1/crs.min.jsCopy Link | Copy Tag | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/country-region-selector/0.5.1/jquery.crs.jsCopy Link | Copy Tag | View Raw
https://cdn.tutorialjinni.com/country-region-selector/0.5.1/jquery.crs.min.jsCopy Link | Copy Tag | View Raw
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