BlackNET RAT Download

BlackNET RAT is a modern open source remote access Trojan written in VB.net with it's command and control back-end is written in beautiful admin panel written in PHP. It features includes
  • Upload File
  • DDOS Attack (TCP,UDP,ARME,Slowloris, HTTPGet, POSTHttp, Bandwidth Flood)
  • Start DDOS
  • Stop DDOS
  • Open Webpage
    • Visible
    • Hidden
  • Show MessageBox
  • Take Screenshot
  • Steal Firefox Cookies
  • Steal Saved Passwords
  • Keylogger
  • Execute Scripts
  • Computer Operations
    • Restart
    • Shutdown
    • Logout
  • Bitcoint Wallet Stealer
  • Uninstall Client
  • Move Client
  • Blacklist Client
  • Update Client
  • Close Client
This video explains how to set it up and running.

blacknet rat download

Password is infected-RAT